Undergraduate Work

At the University of Delaware, I honed my ability to work with teams to produce finished products on tight deadlines. I devoted much of my time to the Student TV Network, where I held several leadership positions, and the entrepreneurship center, where I was hired as a Media Production Assistant.
I was awarded the Adi Patel Award for Public Affairs reporting and given the opportunity to speak to over 300 people at the convocation ceremony for communication majors.


The Student Television Network (STN49) consists of four shows and typically has 30-50 members. Show crews work together to put on scripted, biweekly shows. Operations board members meet separately to discuss things that affect all members like equipment upgrades or live events. I have been the Advertising Director, Operations Manager, and President of STN49.


As president, I aimed to create an enriching experience for members. I facilitated production lessons with the faculty advisor, led weekly meetings with show-producers, and taught members about topics like editing and how to use a green screen. In addition, I fostered collaboration with other organizations including the public relations club, the university radio station, and the Career Services Center. Lastly, I attended most show broadcasts, programming shows into the streaming schedule and helping crews solve any studio-production issues.

Operations Manager

As Operations Manager, I was responsible for renting out equipment to students, overseeing the functioning of studio equipment during live broadcasts, and maintaining the website, STN49.com. The first thing I did was redesign the site using WordPress to make it more user-friendly. With the new site, videos are automatically uploaded on the website once they are uploaded to Vimeo or YouTube. Also, YouTube clips are featured on the new site, unlike before.

 Advertising Director

Sophomore year, I created the position of Advertising Director after noting the network’s lack of viewership. Here’s some of the content I created:

STN49 Print Ad

The Biweekly Show

For four years, I produced content for a student-run sketch comedy show.
Director and Editor
Live segment starts at 7:40.

Horn Entrepreneurship

My job at Horn Entrepreneurship as a Media Production Assistant was to produce various types of media on the center’s behalf, including promotional and educational videos, event photography, pamphlets, and more. I also worked with student-entrepreneurs in creating videos to promote and inform people about their startups. Through this job, I learned how to use Final Cut Pro, Adobe AfterEffects, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign.
Helped Direct and Edit

Horn Program Graduate Program Graduates of the Class of 2016

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