The Dodo

I currently work as a Video Editor/Producer at The Dodo, the world’s leading digital brand for animal content and a subsidiary of Group Nine Media. Here, I am responsible for all aspects of the production process. To date, I’ve completed over a hundred videos, many of which went viral. While at the company, I discovered an appreciation for working with user-generated content and crafting narratives to optimize views and watch time. In addition to being a Video Editor/Producer, I am the Series Lead for the Pittie Nation show, which features the internet’s most heartwarming stories of the most stigmatized breed.
Some of my accomplishments at The Dodo
  • Produced over 115 videos for publishing on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram
  • Produced videos for multiple brand series including Little But Fierce, Soulmates, Odd Couples, Faith=Restored and Wild Hearts
  • Lead presentation on how to be an efficient editor/producer
  • Lead workshop and presentation on Pittie Nation page
  • Strive to feature diverse animals, stories and introduce new storytelling techniques and graphics
But I won’t bore you with any of that nitty-gritty, just watch my videos! Below are some of my top-performers:


All of these videos were posted to YouTube, Instagram, and our website. For a full list of videos, click here.