The Dodo

I currently work as a Video Editor/Producer at The Dodo a digital media publisher and subsidiary of Group Nine Media. Here, I am responsible for all aspects of the production process. After scouring the internet for videos of animals being rescued or rehabbed, I reach out to the original posters and obtain permission to use their footage. I combine that with a video-interview, music, and subtitles and voila – a recipe for viral videos! To date, I’ve completed over a hundred videos, many of which went viral (like over 40-million-views viral!). While at the company, I discovered an appreciation for working with user-generated content and crafting narratives to optimize views and watch time. Needless to say, working at The Dodo has been the opportunity of a lifetime.

In addition to being a Video Editor/Producer, I am the Series Lead for the Pittie Nation show, which features the internet’s most heartwarming stories of the most stigmatized breed. In this position, I work with a team of editors to ensure we have a new pit bull video to publish every Wednesday – one that feels fresh, different and will reach new audiences. All Pittie Nation video pitches go through me and all video drafts are sent to me for review. I also produce stories for the page. Out of the six top-performing videos on the page in 2019, 4 of them were ones I produced and edited. It is both a challenge and pleasure working to lead this page to increased views and engagement. Above all, I remain rooted in our mission of breaking down the stigma around this lovable breed through stories that tug your heart so much, you can’t help but fall in love with them.

Some of my accomplishments at The Dodo

  • Produced over 115 videos for publishing on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram
  • Produced at least 5 midform videos a month over the course of a year and a half
  • Produced videos for multiple brand series including Little But Fierce, Soulmates, Odd Couples, Faith=Restored and Wild Hearts
  • Lead recurring presentation on how to be an efficient editor/producer
  • Lead workshop and presentation on Pittie Nation page
  • Strive to feature diverse animals, stories and introduce new storytelling techniques and graphics
  • At my suggestion, the Motion Graphics Lead introduced a branding document with brand colors and fonts and AfterEffects Subtitle Animation template files

But I won’t bore you with any of that nitty-gritty, just watch my videos! Below are some of my top-performers:


All of these videos were posted to YouTube, Instagram, and our website. For a full list of videos, click here.