How is Sea Level Rise Affecting Delaware?

After taking a climatology class, I was inspired to do a video about the effect of climate change on Delaware. The more I learned, the more I saw a need for this video to be out there. I interviewed a scientist at the Delaware Geological Survey and edited the footage using b-roll from Youtube.

Anti Gay Protest Sparks Outrage at UD

Soon after a group started protesting against members of the LGTBQ community, students swarmed them with signs of their own. Seeing the potential to amplify the story, I rush to the scene armed with a Canon 70D. A friend edits it, I post it on Facebook under the student TV network’s account, and days later, it has over 30,000 views.

Delamocracy: Run for the One

I co-created a series of videos featuring candidates running for Delaware’s seat in the House of Representatives. Our goal was to ensure that millennial-aged Delaware citizens were informed about the candidates. We interviewed six of the seven candidates running, asking them about their principles, plans, and commitment to Delaware values. Designing the videos for social media and utilizing the autoplay feature, we integrated gifs and captions. The videos collectively received over 10,000 views.
I also helped organized the filming of a debate between three candidates. I compiled all of this media into a website,, the perfect video resource for Delaware voters.


Ty Jones on Leading the Classical Theater of Harlem

I filmed and edited this video-interview with Ty Jones, the Producing Artistic Director at the Classical Theatre of Harlem, for the Curator of African American Art at UD.

Interview with Kirkbride Jesus

My sophomore year, I interviewed a man who students call “Kirkbride Jesus.” He is an evangelist who stands outside Kirkbride Hall with signs telling students that they’re going to hell. I produced the entire video by myself and had it aired on STN49’s news show, 49 News. It went viral within the UD community, reaching almost 900 views within the first few days it was posted.