The Deed: Fixing Education in the First State

I played a major role in scripting, editing, and directing this documentary aimed at teaching Delaware citizens about the state’s struggling education system. This was produced with a team as a part of a Documentary Production course.

The Difficult Conversation, a documentary about race relations at the University of Delaware

In Fall 2015, I took a class titled National Agenda: Race In America in which we got the chance to talk to leaders in the racial equality movement, including Deray McKesson, founder of #BlackLivesMatter, and Redditt Hudson, a former Ferguson cop and now an NAACP field organizer. At the end of the class, several classmates and I created this documentary about race at the University of Delaware as a part of an assignment. It is featured on


In the summer of 2016, I worked at a documentary production company called Reconsider.  They had just finished the production of the movie, Disturbing The Peace, which tells the story of the Combatants for Peace, an organization made up of Israelis and Palestinians whose goal is to peacefully end Israel’s military occupation of the Palestinian territories. Working with the director as well as public relations and theatrical distribution companies, I helped flesh out the marketing plan for the film. In addition to putting together a database of activists, I created various content to share on social media to promote the film. Below are the videos and graphics I created.