Hi, my name’s Russel. Welcome to my website!


About Me

As a Video Editor/Producer at The Dodo, I find animal stories and make them go viral. I’ve produced over 120 videos, 30 of which were viewed by over 10 million people. As one of the company’s top performing editors, I continue to push the bar in terms of featuring a diverse range of stories and storytelling techniques.
To read more about my time at The Dodo, click here. To see my videos, click here.
Before working at The Dodo, I taught middle schoolers about video production as a part of an after-school program and produced videos on a freelance basis. Before that, I was at the University of Delaware where I studied media communication, interactive media and political communication. Throughout college, I wrote scripts, produced videos, designed graphics and built websites. I’m passionate about using media to make issues of politics and science interesting and inspiring.
For my résumé, click here: Russel Kogan Resume 2019